Frequently asked questions

How can I schedule an inspection with Welcome Homes?

You can text us via Whatsapp on 0452537380 or send an email to with your complete name, email, what kind or accommodation are you looking for and the date you want to move in. We will send you some options, so we can arrange a time to show you around.

Can I do an inspection on the weekend?

We can only arrange inspections during work hours on Monday to Friday.

How many people live in the apartments?

Usually, there are 6 people living in the apartment in 3 bedrooms, but we have some apartments with 3 to 5 tenants.

Where are the apartments located?

Welcome Homes units are located just in Brisbane, Australia. Most of them in Spring Hill, just 10 minutes away from the CBD. Also, in the CBD and Fortitude Valley.

How short and long accommodation can I stay for?

The regular contract is for 3 months (it could be variable depending the time that you need it), but the minimum contract is for 2 weeks and the maximum is as much as you want to live with us.

What are the prices for a bedroom?

They are from $320 to $350 for a couple room, from $155 to $175 for a shared room and from $190 for a single room.

Can I change my apartment if I want or need?

Yes, during your stay in Welcome Homes apartments you can move to any of our options available for you in our 20 apartments.

Is Welcome Homes a legal service?

Yes, Welcome Homes is a business incorporated under the legal parameters in Australia. We are allowed to subrent apartments in Brisbane, Australia.

How often do I need to pay my rent?

Rent is paid every week in advance. The Welcome Homes week starts Fridays and finishes on Thursdays. Please make sure If you think to move out at the end of the week, our week does not finish on Friday or Sunday, just Thursdays.

What kind of accommodation do you have?

We have Master room (with own bathroom and wide closet), single rooms and shared rooms with 2 people per bedroom (boys with boys and girls with girls).

Is the apartment fully furnished

Yes, everting is included. Something broken, damaged, scratched or missed, please report it. We will provide it again as soon as we get it.

Are all the bills included?

Yes, all utilities including internet, water, gas and electricity are included in your rent. If there is an extra cost, tenants will pay for it.

Can I have parking?

If we have any car park space available, we can provide it. It will not have an extra cost in your rent.

Do you have any rules?

Yes, please check the contract where are stipulated our terms and conditions.

Will I pay for a bond?

Yes, tenants will pay 2 weeks rent on advice as a deposit to ensure that the rent will be paid on time and cover any damage

How long may to wait to get the bond back?

Pending the final checks of the apartment for damage and balance of the rent payable, Welcome Students Group will transfer the remainder of the deposit to the tenant within 48 hours after the tenant leave the property.